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King of the Hill Grudge racing is back at Calder Park DragRacing Sat, 7th Dec 2019 .

As our last KOTH event didnt have an outcome - this is a Double Bonus payout, ie, double payout for every class (must have a full field). Koth is all about a winner take all, Big dollar prize payout and its pretty much “run what you brung and make sure its enough”.

It’s a buy-in for each competitor (in the form of an entry fee) for each class, race each other over the 1/8th (DYO & Street Outlaw over the ¼), Pro Tree, Heads Up (DYO full tree handicap), Three Round Format, winner takes all - $10,000 ca$h paid PER CLASS on the night, on the start line (based on a full field of 32 entrants for each class, or $5000 for field of 16). Entries close Fri 29th Nov 2019. No late entries – no exceptions – DO NOT CALL WITH EXCUSES!

All competitors may make one test hit between 3pm and 4:30pm, and run each elimination round at the times scheduled with the Final to be run at 9:00pm SHARP). We will not be waiting for anyone, and if you are not in the lanes to run your round you will record a DNF/Loss for that round. The two competitors with the most wins will race the final round. If there are more than two competitors with equal wins (ie three or four), then the competitor/s with the fastest ET from the previous round shall go to the final, or closest dial in for DYO.

Plus Grudge Style VIP Start line experience (limited to the 100 spectators only), VIP tickets may be purchased (online) for $50 and signing an indemnity form at Credentials. This will entitle you to exclusive start line viewing for this event and you are expected to follow the usual start line protocol.
Plus, heaps of crowd giveaways throughout the event – listen to the PA for calls…

Race CATEGORIES and Rules:

PRO Radial
·         Any Radial tyre (max 315)
·         DYO - Pro tree (7 sec staging rule)
·         Any power adder allowed
·         Run over 1/8th mile (to even up varying combo’s)
·         Three round format / capped 32 car field for a $10,000 cash win

PRO Outlaw
·         Heads up pro tree (7 sec staging rule)
·         Run What you brung, any induction allowed
·         Any Style Vehicle allowed (open wheel & Door cars)
·         Run over 1/8th mile (to even up varying combos)
·         Three round format / capped 32 car field for a $10,000 cash win

Dial Your Own
·         Dial ins each round
·         Open to any style vehicle no Blowers/Turbos/Nitrous
·         Run over 1320 / ¼ mile
·         Three round format / capped 32 car field for a $10,000 cash win

Street Outlaw
·         Any Street Car welcome (No licenced & Log Book'd vehicles)
·         Run alternate lanes (one in left, nxt in right, etc as directed to keep it even)
·         Keep lining up in lanes and run as instructed
·         Run over 1320 / ¼ mile
·         Two cars with most wins, (multiples drawn from bucket) go to the final
·         Pre Entry only no day entries capped 32 car field for a $1500 win

 Outlaw Bike
·        Nitrous, Superchargers and Turbos allowed
·        Full Tree, Dial Your Own
·        Wheelie bar and Swings arm mods allowed
·        Full Tree, Dial Your Own
·        Run over ¼ mile
·        Pre Entry only no day entries capped on 32 bike field for a $3000 win

Note: Double Bonus prizemoney is based on a 32 car/bike entry field, and revert to $5k for cars and $1500 for bikes if under 30 entrants.

 KOTH Times & Run Format:
Competitor gates open 12pm, credentials and scrutineering to 4pm.
Open Test Session (with 1/4 mile times) only between 3pm – 4:30pm. Do not line up for a test run if you think you’ll be late for Round 1 @ 5pm, or you’ll miss out.

Eliminations run on Chicago Shootout rules, ie (the most wins goes to the final or if tied fastest from last round).  All elimination pairings are “picked out of a hat” at credentials.
·         Round 1 to be run: 5:30pm
·         Round 2 to be run: 6:45pm
·         Round 3 to be run: 8:00pm
·         Finals to be run at 9:00 pm sharp


Competitor PRE-ENTRY $250 & Bike & Street Outlaw classes $150 (Buy in/Entry, no crew passes)
Discounted Crew tickets purchased only at time of entry @$20
Adult General Admission $30 available at the gates
Children under 15 free
On Site, security parking $20, beside Chapel on the right as you enter (NO Parking in Pits)