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Pre Entry for next Sunday Funday event

  • We need your mobile, just in case we need to contact you about anything pre and during the event.
  • From time to time we can keep you updated with whats happening or coming up…
  • Select your race entry type
  • You require a DDL or Annual ANDRA license to race at any event, or if you already have a license please enter your License Number and you will be required to produce it when signing in.
  • Pls enter your license number, ANDRA# if faster than 10.5 or civil if slower than 10.5 secs
  • Pre pay & pick them up with your entry. Tickets will be attached to your entry form, and collected as you arrive at the gate.
  • Engine type or size
  • $ 0.00
    NOTE, Our cancellation policy: If we cancel the event prior, you will receive full refund no prob. If you cancel/withdraw Friday prior to the event we will refund you in full (pls PM or Email us)