Fast Fridays

Fast Fridays

Legal Off Street Racing open to EVERYONE, no matter what you drive / ride

Bring it to the track and save your Licence and Car/Bike from being confiscated, and race with your mates in a controlled, safe environment.

Fast Friday Street Meets are a great way to try out drag racing and test the performance of your everyday street vehicle in a safe and legal environment that you can race the clock to measure your car/bikes performance or race against your mates no matter how fast or stock your vehicle is. Plus its a great atmosphere and environment to hang out amongst the hottest cars and bikes in melbourne on a friday night before going out.

Yes Competition Vehicles and Tech’d vehicles are absolutely welcome to come out and test on a race prepared track surface.

Yes we prepare the track for all our events, unless its a “No Prep Event”.

Yes you can pre enter (to be guaranteed a spot & discount) or just pay at the gate on the day.

Calder Park DragRace Promotions is hosting street meets throughout 2019/20 so you can experience the thrill of Calder’s own quarter mile, usually on a Friday Night throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn, and Sundays during the winter.

Entry cost to race:

Street Car/Bike  Pre Entry – Fast Fridays is $85 if you pre enter (includes driver/rider entry & an ANDRA Divisional Day Licence), or $100 on the day (December 2019 on).

Spectator entry:$25 Adults, kids under 15 free
Gates Open:4:30pm
Racing from:6:00pm  to 10:30pm
Scrutineering open to:8:30pm for Fast Fridays

To go racing at street meets, all you need is a street vehicle that passes basic safety checks on tyres, brakes, steering and liquid leaks. Of course you need an approved Helmet, long pants and shirt & enclosed footwear.  If you race a vehicle with a manufacture date of pre 1 January 2008 you can run up to 11.00 seconds without the need for a tech inspection or ANDRA licence. Vehicles manufactured post 1 January 2008 can run up to 10.00 seconds without the need for a tech inspection or ANDRA licence. Check for specific information on safety and licence requirements.

YES you can still get an entry on the day at the gate from 4:30pm