Tips and Q&A’s

Tips and Q&A’s

Yes you may bring drinks and food – however NO GLASS, and NO ALCOHOL is allowed. Don’t forget there are various food options at all our events.

‘Yes anyone that has a safe car or bike, and have held a license to drive or ride their vehicle may race at any of our Fast Fridays and Sunday Fundays. Check out more info on the Competitor tab.

Yes at most events you may pay for a VIP car park that allows you to park your vehicle inside the gates – behind the Chapel. Please DO NOT ENTER THE General pit area as this area is required by racers during the event. We ask you respect that you do not enter the pits and park your car as you may be taking a racers spot whilst they are out making a run. Please note this is NOT secure parking and Calder Park DragRacing takes no responsibility for any vehicles or personal belongings left in vehicles.

No not at all, however it does need to be safe and pass a basic scrutineering check.

Not at a normal event. We do have special events from time to time that allow a passenger and they will be noted and advertised as such.

You need to prove that you have held a license to drive or ride your vehicle, eg; you may be under suspension or loss of license period. So you need to prove that you have held one (relative to your vehicle) to be allowed to race at an event.

A learners permit is not a License, and does not qualify you as competent to drive and race your vehicle on the track. Sorry no go.

We usually have credentials and Scrutineering operate till 8:30pm on Fast Fridays, and 12:30pm on Sunday Fundays. Unless we have reached capacity, you should be ok until those times. Please note that the later you arive, the less runs you will make as events do have a finish time and the venue an EPA curfew.

If you have a pre 2008 vehicle, with four wheel discs and air bag you can go as fast as 10.5 seconds. If you have a 2008+ vehicle you can go as fast as 10.0 seconds.
Please note that we cannot allow vehicles to run outside this and will ask competitors to slow their car down once and if they still ignore our instructions have to stop them racing any further.

Turn up on time (as we open the gates) and do not muck around between your runs, ie line up again run after run and you will get a fair amount of runs down the track.
This does also depend on the number of stoppages (oil downs, cars breaking engines/gearboxes, diffs and axles). On a busy day people get between 3,4 and upto 7/8 runs depending on all the above. On a average day people get 6-10 runs plus as long as they get here at a reasonable time.

Yes you may have more than one driver/racer per vehicle at our regular events. However you will each need to enter individually and also pay a seperate entry. We are required to issue a Day Licence to each driver individually and also this is part of our sanctioning compliance requirements.

Sorry we cannot allow any pets to the facility as Drag Racing is loud and extremely dangerous if a pet got loose – for obvious reasons.

To have access to Pit Lane and the Startline, you need to be at least 16 yo and also sign an indemnity waiver at Credentials, and be given a wrist band to show you have signed in. Pls note there is a 100% ZERO tolerance to alcohol in or around this controlled area.

Any other Q’s? Just shoot us a msg…