RollRacing + Drags 2nd June

RollRacing + Drags, 2nd June

Bring it to the track, race your mates or just go flat out and save your Licence and Car/Bike from being confiscated. Race with your mates in a controlled, safe environment and even take your partner/mate or ‘foe’ as a passenger and have fun!.

Entry is open to all Road registerable cars and motorcycles. Unregistered cars or motorcycles are fine, as long as they pass a basic safety check. Entry acceptance is at the full discretion of the Calder Park RollRacing.

Competition, ULTRA Fast Street (purpose built race cars) and Tech’d vehicles are required to PM (private message) the organisers to varify you may enter/run, keeping in mind this is a Street Car & Bike event.

Yes you can pre enter which is highly reccomended (to be guaranteed a spot & have a completed entry form) untill the day prior or just pay at the gate (cash only at competitor gate) on the day. Pre enter and then just pick up your entry from the gate on race day. We do cap numbers to allow for enough runs for all.

Calder Park RollRacing is hosting this EVENT, with entry numbers are capped at 150 so dont snooze. You can drag race 12pm to approx 2:30pm, and then we go into RollRacing and eliminations for a winners prize of $500, and great trophy.

Entry costs, times, etc:

RollRacing EVENT Entry –$100 to Race (includes driver/rider entry) + your race license (DDL/Insurance).

ANDRA Day License/Insurance$20
Passenger Ride$30, must be 18 and over (at credentials)
Spectator entry:$30 Adults
Gates Open:Sunday- 11am
Racing on track:Drags 12-2:30pm, R/Racing 2:30-5pm
Credentials/Scrutineering11am to 3pm
On Site Parking (beside chappel)$15, at the competitor gate ( NOT in the Pits)

To race your vehicle, all you need is a street vehicle that passes basic safety checks on tyres, brakes, steering and liquid leaks. Of course you need an approved Helmet, long pants/shirt & enclosed footwear.  Passenger Rides are allowed!

Passengers must be 18 years of age or over. To ride as a passenger, a spectator ticket must be purchased as normal at the gate and an indemnity form must be completed at Credentials (then get a passenger band), Passengers need to be wearing the same safety gear as the driver (ie; helmet, full clothing, etc). If you are stuck for a helmet we have some for sale at the Credentials office.

RollRacing Procedure:

  • Want to race your mate? both line up behind each other in Lane 1, if you dont care who you run, you can line up in lanes 2&3.
  • The 2 competitor cars/motorcycles will position themselves in the “STAGE AREA” as instructed by officials
  • Upon the official’s signal, the 2 competitors will accelerate to 40kph evenly toward the starting lights located approx 100m away (40KPH ZONE) – STAY SIDE BY SIDE !!!!
  • The left lane sets the pace, so the right lane tries to match their speed and stay together
  • When the green light flashes, both vehicles then accelerate/race toward the finish line located approx 330 mtr from the start.
  • IF YOU Dont line up side by side or Jump the start – You will forfeit the run!
  • The First vehicle across the finish line is the winner, indicated by flashing lights on overhead board.
  • Vehicles shall begin to slow to a controlled speed of at the commencement of the braking zone in order to safely go around the return road.
  • Cars will turn on to the return road and slowly return to the pit lane/area and line up again unless in a competion. If in Eliminations the winners will be stoped behind the startline to be paired up again & follow the Officials instructions.
  • Open Runs 8:30pm-9:30pm (approx) in Lanes 1&2, and Eliminations commence 9:30pm – 11pm
    If you are not in the lanes for your eliminations run – you miss out on the competition!

Check for specific information on safety and licence requirements.

Pre-Enter now to be guaranteed a spot, However you can get a race entry and tickets at the gate 11am on race day: