Fast Friday Entry Form

Fast Friday


  • Just click on the type of vehicle, ie Street car and license, or competition vehicle and license if you are faster than 11.0
  • Pre pay and get your crew tickets, at time of entry. Tickets will be attached to your entry form, and collected as you arrive at the gate.
  • Note, if you have a pre 2008 vehicle, you cannot run faster than 11.0 secs with no tech or ANDRA license. If you have a post 2008 vehicle you cannot run faster than 10.0. Run outside these times and we cannot allow any more passes.
  • Our cancellation policy: If we cancel the event prior, you will receive full refund no prob. If you cancel/withdraw the Thursday prior to the event (by pm or email) we will refund you in full. Outside this policy you forfeit your entry.
  • $ 0.00
    Note, once entered, you'll be directed to the payment portal. Your entry is lodged only after payment is made. You will be sent back a payment receipt, which is all you need as proof and confirmation of entry!